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CB Passive Income Review & Exclusive Bonus

Hi and Welcome to my special page for CB Passive Income Review from Patric Chan, You are on the right track to find the truth about this program, first here is the product overview

CB Passive Income

Product : CB Passive Income
Creator : Patric Chan
Price : $ 47/month or $97 one time
Demo : click here

Are you an internet marketing wizard who knows the basics?

Do you want to start a legitimate part-time business?

Well, in this case, CB Passive Income can prove to be a good option for you. in 2017, CB Passive Income is introducing an license series called CB Passive Income License Program 4.0

It can be useful in adding another income stream to your present business and can generate a passive income for you. This program has been created by Patric Chan who is the author of Wakeup Millionaire.

Apart from this Chan has written many other books as well. The main concept of this program is to make money from email marketing.

To know more, you should go through every word of this CB passive income review.


Now Chan claims that he has been using an established way to make money online in the internet marketing world. This is why he is an ardent believer that internet marketing can turn out to be a lucrative venture.

He proved his perception by coming up with a marketing software known as CB Passive Income that is used for making money online.

He does not sell the software to the customers. On the contrary, he came up with the idea of a free web page that gives the marketing system and the training course. Chan is not offering the system on any official website.


Now when users request Chan for the system and become his subscribers, then he sends them reports completely free of cost. The reports are shared via an email. Chan uses the emails for the promotion of his affiliate program, and this allows him to make an affiliate commission this way.

He also sends product recommendations to his subscribers through the email. Now when you get this affiliate link, then you can also start earning commission through these promotions when the subscriber buys the products. This means every email that will be sent to you from this system has the potential to help you earn money.

All the promoted products are from The reason is that Clickbank only allows the promotion of legitimate products in the affiliate market program. This helps Chan to promote only great products to his subscribers that can offer value to them. Now Clickbank offers an affiliate commission of about 50% on their products.

To understand how you can make money from this system look at the procedure below.

CB Passive Income Review

The real challenge here is to come up with a webpage that has the capability to convert the subscribers. Moreover, it requires an out of the box to come up with free offers that will entice the users to sign up. When you are a newbie in the market business, the tough task is to choose products and to come up with a strategy to promote these products.

Now that you have the idea how things work, so here are the steps you need to follow to get access to the CB Passive Income 4.0 Program.

Step 1: You have to give your complete details to the system. This helps in generating your cash machine page.

Step 2:  The next step is that traffic needs to be sent to your cash machine page. The system will be monetizing the list for you so that you can get the affiliate commission.

Step 3: The last step is that you have to collect your commission.


  • Helps You in Multitasking: This program will help you generate a continuous income stream because it helps you at every step. For example, this system will assist you in researching the product details, producing the content, promoting the offers and crafting the marketing campaigns. Additionally, this program is on the lookout for products that you can promote with ease. This version 4.0 has come up with a unique feature. It automatically enters your affiliate id in the recommended products so that you can earn more passive income. Another aspect that you will love about this program is that it periodically updates your gift offers. The reason is that your subscribers need fresh updates to remain hooked to your offerings. The CB Passive Income is designed to address your technical limitations as well, and this is what makes it the best.
  • Get Hold of Educational Material: What should drive you towards CB Passive Income Program is that it clones an already successful business system. Secondly, Chan offers you educational material as well. For example, you can get hold of e-books and video training as well. This gives you the opportunity to learn at your own
  • Offers Additional Perks: Moreover, you can also get hold of additional perks in the form of bonuses. For example, you can get a digital cover creator.


  • This program helps you understand the concept of social media and paid ads.
  • You will get rid of the hassle of hosting and autoresponders when you opt for CB Passive Income.
  • Support and Help is very good
  • Low investment needed


It is not an instant rich scheme. It will take you some time to discover the working of this tool and getting success. Sometimes things get overwhelmed if you consume the information too fast. so just break it in a days, otherwise this is the best investment in 2017.

Try CB Passive Income Now!

Use Cb Passive Income that give you shortcut to a Massive Success for such a low investment!



There is no denying the fact that CB Passive Income holds earning potential. However, you will need to make a sincere effort to learn the tool and follow the instructions as well if you intend to make your mark.

What you will like about this program is that it is a secure investment. It comes up with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means it is a winning situation for you with nothing on the line.

If you are still skeptical, then you should have a look at the sales video as well. It introduces you to the real users who have tried the system and got success coming their way.

Moreover, you will find detailed information about Chan on his site that proves that this person is real who has got the real genius of a marketer. This is why you should not be reluctant to try out this system.

We Recommend CB PASSIVE INCOME, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity while Chan is opening the door for the program.


Try CB Passive Income Now!

Use Cb Passive Income that give you shortcut to a Massive Success for such a low investment!

CB Passive Income Review & Exclusive Bonus
Patric chan has put a lot of good stuff inside CB PASSIVE INCOME program, now with the license series, you can start make money online right away.
10 Total Score
Excellent Internet Marketing Program!

Patric chan has put a lot of good stuff inside CB PASSIVE INCOME program, now with the license series, you can start make money online right away.

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