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Hi Guys, Steve Baker here, Are you looking for the truth about Slingly Review by Ricky Mataka, Ross Carrel, And Tanner Larrson? I suggest you Don’t buy it yet before you see my unbiased review about Slingly so you can make sure if this product is worth your money or not.

Live Demo & Earning Proof : CLICK HERE

One of the most key success of peoples all around the globe is by e-Commerce . And that is what Ricky Mataka, Ross Carrel, and Tanner Larrson offer by giving his technique and system to make $10,000 – $100,000 per month by just doing e-commerce.

This system is already tested and retested by Them by utilizing Their Skill and Knowledge, combine with the advanced tools inside “Slingly” program, which make this a very interesting offer you don’t want to miss about.

Slingly Review – Detailed Information


  • Product : Slingly
  • Creator : Ricky Mataka , Ross Carrol “the eCom Boss”. Tanner Larsson
  • Price : $1,297
  • Demo Video : click here

What I can describe for Slingly in a few word is eCommerce Automation Platform. If you are doing e-Commerce or want to enter in this industry, One of the biggest hurdles you have when running successful ecommerce shops is the tech heavy debt to set components up on various sales platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Click Funnels, also fulfilling these items and working out profitable margins. With Slingly, you can solved those issues with a NO EXCUSE, all part of your e-Commerce business is done for you, so you can get in and start selling, its as simple as that!

They have tested this software platform and use it everyday on their e-Commerce business to generate over $200,000 in shopify sales. Slingly promises to you that you can be power-sellers by give you the same opportunity to mange inventory, create products on the the fly, source products through their system and so much more.

What You Get When You Invest on Slingly?

  1. Ricky Mataka, Ross Carrol, and Tanner Larrson also PERSONALLY help you implement and profit from the training with their live coaching. And you have direct, daily access to them in the private forums where He will answer all of your questions and help you install a proven systems and strategies in your business.
  2. Slingly is proven, They use the software in-house to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue from their stores. Give you the opportunity to do the same. with no extra work
  3. They took care of all the tedious and time consuming things that stop people from getting into ecommerce or scaling it up. You got everything to start from the product, marketing, and fullfillment. all is done for you.
  4. Plus, They are host ongoing live training webinars and live Q&A calls designed to answer all of your questions, introduce new cutting-edge strategies, and to make sure that you know exactly how to apply what you learn to your E-Commerce business.

Slingly PROOF – IT’S WORK!

This is brand new store and They make this store to $15K in sales in just 11 day with slingly platform.


Here is some proof for the past customer of version 1.0 who make a big success with slingly.



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What I didn’t like About Slingly

Although they did very a good job on explaining everything, sometimes it get too confused to consume all those information at once, I recommend going each training and take a break a days and start learning again later. Irregardless, this one will be the best investment in 2017.

Slingly Review Verdict

If you want for the best program to start your e-Commerce Business , This is definitely is one of your must have system. After watching The demo Session, I can see why everyone make money with slingly and raving about it. It’s very good information and system to get started your own E-commerce business.

Let me tell you altough this product is great and superior, you need to invest time and money to make this work. This is not push button solution, work still required altough there is less work because they has done most of the hard work for you.

Try Slingly Today, Closing in 24 Hours!

Get Success in E-Commerce With Slingly System that give you shortcut to a Massive Success! Check This out


Here is the deal…

I know this program is a very good product, so I decide to give you FREE Bonuses if you purchase this program through our site. Please note that you need to “CLEAR YOUR COOKIES FIRST” before purchasing so I can be credited on your sale.

# BONUS 1 – $100 Cash Giveaway ($100 Value)



To guarantee your success further with Slingly, We decided to give you $100 straight to your paypal account. You can use this to invest more on your e-commerce business, We care of your success so we think this bonus is really helpful for you as our customer. Please note that the cash will be sent after the refund period is over to avoid fraud purchases ( We have experienced a lot in the past).



“Get Endless Flow Of Organic Traffic For your Website For Life!”

We know traffic is one of the key element to succeed in your online business. You need Traffic that will be converted into buyer. We know that your site will need Search Engine Optimization Service in order to get Top Result in Search Engine Like Google to get endless flow of free organic traffic.

That’s why we created this bonus packages. With this bonus, you will get High Authority Backling from our Private Networks dripfeed for over 30 days to make it look natural in eyes of Google.

We have been experienced in SEO for more than 5 Years, We know how to rank a site that make profits. We will help your Sourcing Profits Site Get Top Ranking on Google so you won’t ever bothering with any paid traffic.



‘I Guarantee that by Following the Fundamentals in OutsourceMethod, Within 4 Weeks You’ll Have HALVED Your Working Hours And DOUBLED Your Output… !

This packages come to the top first because on every business models, outsource is very important to make leverage your business and increase your profit. Why we make this bonus come on the top first, this is No FLuff Outosurce System and very recommended to implement it. Just in case you want to outsource your sourcing profits system , this bonus will help you a lot.

Outsource Method Is A System To Exponentially Increase your Business, Productivity and Buy Back As Much, Or As Little Time As You Choose. If you can spare just 5 minutes, I want to tell you exactly how we went from flat broke, making NOTHING online, to 3 companies, 2 offices on 2 continents, working with over 80 people around the world running multiple seven figure businesses and sites.

The tipping point for every successful business builder online, is the application of systematized outsourcing, and you can get started with just $50 a month. It’s about time that I take you through each and every aspect of the OutsourceMethod…



“This is Massive Collection of Ready-to-Sell, High-Demand Software Products includes Source Files, the Product and a Done-For-You Sales Page – $ 997 Value “

Do you want to create your own product without needed any work? This is your answers for your product creation problems. You will get an amazing 80 product consist of software, plugin, tools in Internet Marketing Niche, That you can sell as your own complete with the sales pages.

Now YOU can take YOUR own product to the market (as soon as today if you want), keeping 100% of the profits. This is 80 PREMIUM tools that you can resell and rebrand, completely as your own!

These software have been created by our own in-house programming and design team. The same team that created best-selling products like EasyVSL, PressPlay, WebinarIgnition, and more…

This bonus is worth $997 and It’s Free if you purchase the product through our site. Don’t miss your chance!



“The Secret For Getting 200% ROI From Just Banner Ads Campaign Revealed!”

The secret for generating traffic that convert into sales finally revealed. This exclusive banner ads training video consist of 3 module covering inside tips and technique to create your first campaign a massive success.

The first module contain the tool material you need to have and the tutorial to set it up everything. Second module will teach you the best method to make a successful banner ads and where to get target site for your campaign. It’s contain secret tips no one know.

The third module is a live case study showcasing you the exact campaign of creating a successful banner ads, which produce $80/day and 200% ROI. It’s live on your screen so you can analyze and learn from it.



Here’s How YOU Can Get My Processes  & Systems For Running Highly Profitable Facebook™ Ads Campaigns…

This is a 6 module virtual training course that covers the EXACT systems my team and I use to manage over $500,000/month of profitable ad spend on Facebook™… Each module is a video that’s 1-3 hours long… I detail out each process, step-by-step… Demonstrating things along the way…

Along with each video is a step-by-step execution plan for that specific process or system… This is by far, the most complete, the most clear, the most easy to follow system for doing Facebook™ ads ever created… Now I don’t say that lightly! I regularly have people telling me they’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars for Facebook™ training that didn’t work or didn’t make sense… And when they’ve gone through this system, they’ve finally gotten results…

# BONUS 7 – 6 Figure Webinar Formula – $497 Value


Exclusive course on Webinar System, in this webinar you will get step by step how to make six figure+ profit from each webinar you run.

I’ll be honest with you, If you want to learn how to sell out a product…, you will need a good Webinar system!…and If You Want To Rake In MASSIVE Profits From a TINY List…Then This 6 figure webinar formula Will Give You That!

This is Webinar Formula showing you How To made that six figure overnight off a list of less than 500 people!Now THAT is a small list, ! mean, you probably have more than 500 Facebook friends. In the video I showed how you can make profit overnight with a single email To a TINY List.

This is a Webinar Formula that goes, in detail, into every aspect of this highly lucrative promotion to a tiny list! This is your chance to pull back the curtain and see behind the scenes of a massively successful Webinar promotion!



We’ve created 10 highly-effective personable, compelling video reviews in some of the hottest markets that everyone don’t know about…

This video review is responsible for making me up to $ 400/month doing affiliate marketing business with just around 9 visitor/day. The video itself convert like crazy better than text review.

Very professional, attractive, and presell well each of your visitor..

Here is the unique market of the video..

  1. Eczema Free Forever : Google™ Estimates that “Eczema Free Forever” is searched 1,600 times a month.
  2. Hair Again : Google™ Estimates that “Hair Again” is searched 12,100 times a month.
  3. Heartburn No More : Google™ Estimates that “Heartburn No More” is searched 2,400 times a month.
  4. H Miracle – Nature’s Method to Curing Hemorrhoids : Google™ Estimates that “H Miracle” is searched 12,000 times a month, and “Hemorrhoid Miracle” is searched about 4,000 times a mont.
  5. Kidney Stone Removal Report : Estimates that “Kidney Stone Removal Report” is searched 590 times a month
  6. Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal : Google™ Estimates that “Moles, Warts and Skin Tag Removal” is searched 720 times a month.
  7. Stop Sweating and Start Living : Google™ Estimates that “Stop Sweating & Start Living” is searched 8,100 times a month.
  8. Psoriasis Free For Life : Google™ Estimates that “Psoriasis Free For Life” is searched 1,000 times a month.
  9. Tinnitus Miracle : Google™ Estimates that “Tinnitus Miracle” is searched 9,900 times a month.
  10. Vision Without Glasses : Google™ Estimates that “Vision Without Glasses ” is searched 3,600 times a month

(Keep in mind that the base product name is just one of hundreds of easy-to-rank-for product/review-specific keywords that get actively searched by customers who are on the verge of buying – and a video like this would turn them into customers easily…)

So What Exactly Can You Do With These Videos?

  • Instantly SkyRocket Your Conversions – Even From “Next-to-Nothing” Traffic…
  • Instantly Tap 10 profitable niche markets that watch, interact with, and respond to video.
  • Instantly Give Your Review Sites an Authoritative Edge…
  • You No Longer Have to Rely So Much on “Killer” Copy & Preselling in Your Content…
  • Build Effective Review Sites Much, Much Faster – Now That the Most Crucial Part is Done For You!

And All You Need to Do is Copy/Paste Them Into a Site, Drive Even a Small Trickle of Long-Tail Traffic – And You’ll be Amazed at the Results…!!

Along with each video is a step-by-step execution plan for that specific process or system… This is by far, the most complete, the most clear, the most easy to follow system for doing Facebook™ ads ever created… Now I don’t say that lightly! I regularly have people telling me they’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars for Facebook™ training that didn’t work or didn’t make sense… And when they’ve gone through this system, they’ve finally gotten results…

“Listen.. This Bonus Alone Will Skyrocket Your Income by 10X and Combine with Slingly, You Will Have Everything You Need For Succeed!”

But I Remind You That This Bonus Packages is Limited To Only 9 4 3 Customer, So Act Now To Secure Your Spot”

NOTE : You have To Use My Affiliate Link to be eligible for this amazing Bonus Package and I strongly recommend that you clear your cookies before clicking on the Payment Button Below. After You’ve made a purchases, please forward your receipt with subject “bonus claim for slingly” to bonus(at) .


Slingly Review & Exclusive Bonus
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