Tips For Success On Internet Marketing Business

Some businesses view their website as just a necessity of doing business instead of as an opportunity of attracting new audiences and gaining new customers. Do you view your site as an investment or an expense? Surprisingly, many companies are unable to see how they can transform their non-performing website into an effective marketing and sales tool.

Example of Online Marketing Success: Amazon

Amazon is not only the best in natural search marketing, but it’s also the best ecommerce site in social media marketing. Amazon dominates organic search, and it’s the leading web retailer today. The sales it gets from the number of visits per month that are garnered from natural search results show the power of successful SEO. Amazon gets over 55 million visits every month just from organic search results.

This number is basically 662 times more than most of the top 500 online retailers. It’s also seven times more than what the second-ranked online retailer (i.e. Walmart) gets in natural search results. If you want to test the natural search result power of Amazon, go ahead and search for a product from any of the merchandise categories, and you’ll most likely see Amazon in the top hits.

Amazon is also the leader in social media marketing when it comes to ecommerce. Even though it only gets 1.5% of its site’s total traffic from social networks, Amazon is still leading on social media networks because of its sheer size and the ability to direct shoppers to its site from social media despite modest efforts. Even the 1.5% figure is not small because it equates to around 14 million visits to the site, and that leads to more than $132 million in direct online sales. Amazon is the best example of how online marketing can lead to success and profit. You can model your business’s success after Amazon’s by following these simple yet effective tips.

Here are some tips for online marketing success:

Reach Potential Customers

SEO is a very powerful tool and with it, you can make sure that potential customers are able to find you using search engines. Most businesses don’t take full or any advantage of search engine optimization. The fact is that not many things on the internet are as powerful and beneficial as SEO, especially when you consider the fact that 80% of online users find new websites through search engines.

Almost 85% of the online users use search engines such as Google to find vendors and solutions to their problems. If you are able to execute a proper SEO campaign, you can attract numerous highly-targeted visitors to your page. The best thing about using SEO is that it can attract the same amount of customers as traditional advertisements at a fraction of the cost.

If your website doesn’t have high search engine ranking, the only visitors you’ll be getting are the ones that get to you through regular advertising, word of mouth, or some other limited means. With SEO, your website’s scope is limitless.

Use Quality Content

If you use quality content instead of flashiness, visitors are more likely to visit your site again. While flashy graphics and rich media may impress the visitors on their first visit, they are not likely to visit again or recommend the site to others. If you want repeat visitors and potential customers, you need to give them content that they will find valuable and indispensable. This establishes your company as a leading expert in your niche and builds a level of trust between you and the visitors.

Start E-Newsletters

To keep your current and potential customers up to date, you should consider creating regular e-newsletters and monthly or weekly announcements. To make sure that your email campaign isn’t considered as spam, you should only update your current and potential customers who have signed up for your email alerts.

If you’re able to execute your newsletter campaign properly, you can not only retain the existing customers and attract new ones, but you can also spark the interest of dormant customers. By sending out information routinely through your newsletters, you’ll be building a new level of trust. You’ll be able to establish your site as the go-to expert in all matters of your business or field.

Your recipients will also be more likely to recommend you to others and with the announcement of special promotions and sales via the newsletters, you’ll be able to attract potential customers. Furthermore, people are more receptive to emails from the companies that they already have a relationship with.

Promote Your Online Presence

Use your existing internet marketing materials to increase your company’s online presence. You can do this by making sure that your print advertisement resources such as letterheads and business cards clearly show your website address. Also, mention your website in your email signatures and phone messages as well as television and radio advertisements. This step, albeit a simple and small one, can drive a large number of prospects to your website at a very small cost. Since most companies still use the same marketing materials which they were using before they created the website, they miss out on a great and inexpensive opportunity to build traffic.

Keep Your Content Customer-Focused

The website content of your company shouldn’t be all about the company, but its main focus should be on the needs and interests of the customer. Companies make this common mistake of focusing the website content on themselves. In truth, visitors are more interested in finding out about how the products or services that you’re offering can benefit them. Instead, most companies only focus on talking about their history or how wonderful they are.

In short, when your website content is too focused on the words such as “we,” “our,” and “us” instead of “you” or “your,” then you’re too self-centric. You need to change the focus of your content so that it can better relate to the visitors.

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